Information Section Application

Information booths are available for not-for-profit organizations, churches, service groups etc. Sales from information booths require prior permission.

One booth size is available: 5' x 12'.

PDF application       

Reasons to Exhibit

  • Expected Attendance of 60,000
  • 46-Year-Old Festival
  • Evanston Community
    • Affluent, diverse, well-educated community
    • Highly engaged in the arts
    • Close to Northwestern University and Loyola University campuses
    • Father's Day Weekend
  • Good Fair for New Artists and Craftspeople
    • 75% returning artists
    • Over 50 vendors have been coming 20 years or more!
    • Placements of arts and performance stages encourages flow among vendor booths
  • Great Festival Environment
    • Two music stages, street performance and food vendors, encourage great traffic flow