Category Guidelines

The review committee generally follows these guidelines when reviewing applications to Custer Fair. All committee decisions are final.

Arts & Crafts
Fine Arts and Crafts, Ceramics, Clothing, Country Craft, Decorative Arts, Drawing, Fiber Arts, Graphic Arts, Homecrafts, Jewelry, Leather Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Printmaking, Sculpture & Wearable Art. Ceramics, drawing, graphic arts, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, completely handmade wearable art, and completely hand-made jewelry (including clasps, beads, fastenings, etc.) are generally placed on North Custer Ave.

Clothing, decorative arts, fiber arts, homecrafts, designed/assembled jewelry, leather arts, pottery, utilitarian crafts and wearable art are generally placed on South Custer Ave., Washington St. East & Washington St. West.

Country Craft, fiber arts, homecrafts, mixed media, utilitarian craft (home d├ęcor, handbags, etc) are generally placed on Washington St. East & Washington St. West.

Child oriented exhibits are placed on Washington St. West or in Eiden Park.

Antiques include antiques and collectables, not replicas. Exhibitors are placed on Custer Ave. south of Washington St. and in front of the antique stores on Washington St. just west of Custer Ave.

Commercial Booths are placed on Main St. West and on Chicago Ave. between Main St. and Washington St. There are Arts & Crafts booths on Chicago Ave. between Washington St. & Kedzie. Main St. East is a mixed Commercial and Arts & Crafts section.

Sidewalk Sale
Sidewalk sales are for local businesses only. Some areas of the fair have local businesses which sponsor the fair and they are entitled to a booth, usually in front of their store on the sidewalk, but they may request an additional booth in the street in any section.

Information Booths
Information Booths are registered not-for-profit corporations or charities. Information Booths are placed in Eiden Park. Any sales or activities must receive clearance from the Custer Fair Office (sales/activities include: face-painting, food sampling, item sales or give-aways, etc.)

The FoodFest booths are placed on Custer Ave. south of Washington St. and on Chicago Ave. Other food services are placed in scattered sites.