Arts and Crafts Section Application

Any original works of art or handcrafted objects which are the unique creation of the exhibitor may be displayed.

Arts and Crafts applicants need to send three slides or photographs of their work. All categories of arts and crafts are eligible. Demos are welcome.

Two booth sizes are available, 5' x 12' or 10' x 10'.

Absolutely NO manufactured, commercial or imported objects allowed in the Arts & Crafts section! In order to assure the quality of the event all exhibitors will be vetted on Saturday morning. Violations of the eligibility rules will result in booth closure or removal.

PDF application       

Reasons to Exhibit

  • Expected Attendance of 60,000
  • 47-Year-Old Festival
  • Evanston Community
    • Affluent, diverse, well-educated community
    • Highly engaged in the arts
    • Close to Northwestern University and Loyola University campuses
    • Father's Day Weekend
  • Good Fair for New Artists and Craftspeople
    • 75% returning artists
    • Over 50 vendors have been coming 20 years or more!
    • Placements of arts and performance stages encourages flow among vendor booths
  • Great Festival Environment
    • Two music stages, street performance and food vendors, encourage great traffic flow